Hi there, my name is Mark James and I’m the owner of Mark James Photography.

I am originally from Southwest Wisconsin, and I moved with my wife to Stevens Point 20 years ago so she could attend grad school at UWSP. We were never planning on staying in the area long, but we fell in love with the community! We have since started a family and we now have two daughters, a 12-year-old and a15-year-old. They’ll always be my favorite photography subjects.

I started photography as a hobby and quickly found that I couldn’t put the camera down. Photography has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and be a part of many special moments. Whether I’m photographing families, couples, children or seniors, I always immerse myself in the shoot and try to find new ways to connect with my subjects to provide them with the unique experience they deserve.

Fun Facts about me:

I was 5’10” at the start of my senior year of High School, I had a bit of a growth spurt at the end of that year and ended High School at 6’5”.

I shoot using a Nikon camera.  One of my first lenses was a 50mm prime lens and it’s still my favorite.

I enjoy just about anything to do with sports, especially any of the in-state college and pro teams.

If I could choose only one sport to play it would be volleyball.  I play sand and grass volleyball year-round.

I like to edit photos with a glass of Bourbon or a Manhattan.  I also have a playlist on Apple Music that I play while editing.

Love your Art. Love your Experience.

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